5 Easter Activities for EGGhausted Parents of Littles

Hey Mom & Dad- you tired? Feeling the hippity hoppty pressure of Easter shenanigans?

Well, here are 5 fun low maintenance activities specifically with you in mind.

  1. Throw some empty fake eggs in the yard and watch your kid collect them.
    • Toddlers can be entertained for a VERY long time if you switch it up. Do different rounds like:
      • Round One: Counting- Count out loud each egg they find. 10-20 eggs seems like a good number.
      • Round Two: Colors- tell them to collect all the blue eggs, then all the pink- etc.
      • Round Three: Bunny Hop- tell them to collect all the eggs hopping like a bunny. Then make them do it again hopping on one foot. This burn some of that neverending toddler energy.
      • Round Four: Blind- tell them they have to find the eggs blindfolded- obviously make sure it’s a safe area and don’t be a jerk making it too hard! Just a couple feet in front of them is good.
    • You get the picture, just switch it up- great way to work on skills.
  2. Draw an Oval on a piece of paper.
    • Yup… that’s as simple as it gets. Give it to your little artist and tell them it’s an Easter Egg and give them colors to decorate it. We like these markers *link: Kwik Stix because they’re easiest for my toddler to draw with & are washable, but anything will do. It’s 100x’s easier than the dye kits and just as satisfying.
  3. Hide a Bunny.
    • Either use a stuffed animal, action figure, or draw a bunny on a piece of paper and hide it in the living room. Classic.
  4. Do the Egg Toss.
    • Take one of the plastic eggs from earlier and toss it back & forth. Sounds silly, but it’s good for their hand eye coordination and they will love it.
      • TIP: Put some playdough or a small toy inside to give it a little weight to make it easier to throw.
    • If you’re feeling dangerous, do the classic egg toss with a REAL egg- the goal is to see how far you can toss it without breaking the egg, but come on… a toddler + raw egg + throwing… you’re asking for it my friend. There’s a Dr.Phil episode with your name on it- cause you crazy.
  5. Egg in Spoon
    • Take the plastic egg and place it on a plastic spoon, then set the spoon between your toddlers clenched teeth. Then tell them they cannot drop the plastic egg and set them on a journey- through the backyard, around the house, to Mordor- wherever it’s safe to go.
    • This one is genius because you’ve basically silenced your child so you can enjoy a moment of peace as they tiptoe quietly around the backyard feeling like a champion. You’re welcome.

If you are TOO egghausted for one or all of these activities, give yourself grace and buy an Easter basket. It’s basically impossible to have a bad day when you wake up to one of those bad boys on the kitchen table. Which reminds me- I also saw that Mission BBQ is making Easter Hams, which is a winner. The website says it feeds 14-16 people, which means it’ll be enough for you if you’re breastfeeding. Here’s the link for more information on that: Mission BBQ Easter HAM

Personally in our house the Easter Bunny doesn’t have much to do with the true celebration, but I love all the added holiday fuss because it’s more opportunity to have memorable quality family time. Being a parent is HARD, so don’t be too hard on yourself or your littles- just try to have some fun and enjoy the age & stage you’re in, because good or bad it’ll be gone soon.

Hope these ideas help & Hoppy Easter!