6 FREE Apps to get Before Baby Comes Home

One of my biggest rookie mistakes as a FTM (First Time Mom) was thinking that I’d have plenty of time & energy AFTER the baby arrived- because what could be more draining & exhausting than growing a baby?Um- Taking care of that baby- that’s what! lol. I don’t know what I was thinking. I had no idea what I was in for as soon as the baby arrived.

Here are some free Apps to download NOW so that when the baby comes you can get the most out of these precious moments with less stress. *NOTHING is sponsored*


This App is GENIUS. If there is only ONE app to download, it is THIS. I refer to it as my second brain. As the name implies, this app helps you keep track of everything baby- eating (nursing & formula options), napping, medications, growth, wet and dirty diapers, pumping-etc. To have ALL that information stored and accounted for is GOLD. You will be asked at every appointment like “How long is the baby nursing on each side?” and “How many dirty diapers?” THIS hot mess express could barely keep the dog fed, let alone keep track of poopy diapers! This app has been so helpful to track the baby’s health and is extremely easy to use.

Due to privacy, only the logo is pictured.


Do you have a ton of Mom friends already? Want to find some (or some more)? Peanut is basically “tinder” to find mom friends. lol. In this app you add some basic information of your age, your baby’s age, and the general area of where you live. You’ll also have a little blurb to show your interests & personality. Then you will have access to a whole list of moms that also live in the area. If you see a mama you think you could connect with- Swipe Up! lol. The app is very secure (that was my biggest concern) none of your personal info (last name, phone number, email, address) is shown, but of course you will want to use your own discretion. I didn’t have many mom friends with babies who lived near me (I just moved to Florida a year earlier) so this was a great way for me to make some friends with babies who could grow up together.

3. 1SE (1 Second Everyday)

This is a free app that lets you take a 1 second video every day and compiles it into a sweet montage. Very user friendly & easy to catch up if you fall behind, because when you select a date all your photos from THAT date pop up to choose from, so you don’t have to hunt & scroll for hours. It’s a really nice way to document and organize this very precious time in your life and see your baby grow up. I’ve done it for my pregnancy, my baby’s first year of life, my postpartum weight loss journey, and now my second baby’s first year. Perfect for that 1yr old birthday post, or just for you & your family to reminisce just how quickly time flies.


This is a free app with several “white noise” and nature sound options. This app is very useful if I’m in a new environment and the baby is taking a nap. I can slip out my phone and play white noise to help baby relax & rest. It’s nice for me too, I’m always in the mood to hear ocean waves.


This is a cute app to decorate pictures with stickers like “33 WEEKS Pregnant!”, “The Snuggle Is Real” and some art deco. There are in app purchase options for holiday stamps as well! Basically Millennial Scrap Booking. I used it mainly for bump pics.


Huckleberry is very similar to Baby Tracker, in that its an app that helps you document everything baby- nursing, diapers, pumping- etc. What makes this app different is that when you input sleep it helps predict the timing of your baby’s “optimal nap” time! There was a time my first baby hit a rough spot with naps because her “wake windows” (time she’s awake) were changing. I downloaded this app after a friend recommended it and it really did help! I personally prefer Baby Tracker for storing information, but I always have huckleberry just in case I need help with naps.

Sneak peak of Miles’ Leap Chart

+++ Ooooo What’s This?++++

7. BONUS APP: Wonder Weeks for $3.99

Even though this app is not free, it is WELL WORTH the $3.99 to download. This app keeps track of your baby’s “WONDER WEEKS” or periods of time your baby’s body/brain are going through RAPID development. It’s called the wonder weeks because the week after a developmental leap your baby now has a new set of wonderful skills- like being able to see further away, hitting a toy, crawling-etc! Think back to awkward middle school you going through puberty- your baby will be going through the same thing except VERY condensed! It is a LOT for a tiny human to go through, and being aware of these special times will help give you insight of WHY your baby is losing their mind and inconsolable. One of the most stressful parts of that first year is trying to figure out the “WHY” baby’s are crying/ fussy/ not napping- etc. There are 10 different leaps in the first 75 weeks of life (year & half) and some of them last for an entire month. The app will show a “LEAP CHART” where you can see in advanced EXACTLY what dates you can expect a Wonder Week to happen. This is very useful for planning ahead. If you are thinking of a vacation, time for family to visit, a celebration- etc- you can now plan AROUND your baby’s leap chart & make your life a little bit easier.

I hope you find these apps useful and that they make your motherhood journey more organized, documented, & enjoyable.

Do you already have these Apps? What other free apps do you use & recommend?