Hospital Bag Checklist

Time is flying and soon enough you’ll be bringing your bundle of joy home!

Here is a checklist of everything you’ll want to have in your hospital GO bag!

  • For Mama
    • MOST IMPORTANT: Earth Mama Perineal Balm & Spray. If you can only get one, get the balm- postpartum savior!! LINK: Amazon Perineal Balm
    • Chapstick & Lotion (hospitals can be dry)
    • Comfortable Nursing shirt or any old Tank Top
    • stretchy pants/ sweatpants
    • pajamas
    • Nursing Bra (Motherhood Maternity Wrap Bralettes are my favorite)
    • Nursing pads (cause sometimes your boobs leak, especially after a hot shower)
    • Eye Mask (So you can sleep anytime)
    • Lollipops (before baby is born)
    • Favorite snacks (after baby is born)
    • Depends (adult diaper) or large pads for postpartum bleeding
    • Slippers/ Aloe socks
    • Phone Charger
    • Toiletries (Shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant- try to get unscented versions if possible- newborns can be very sensitive to smell)
    • Hospital Pictures
      • Make up
      • Hair Brush/ Hair ties
      • Cute Outfit (Flowy Dress)
      • Special Jewelry (*cough, husbands this would be a great gift *cough)
  • For Baby:
    • Baby hat (very important to keep baby warm!)
    • *Mom Hack*–> NO Baby Mittens YES Baby SOCKS! (socks stay much better on little newborn hands than mittens do)
    • Baby ELECTRIC nail filer! (Cause some babies, like mine, are born with claws, and you don’t want them to scratch themselves) Electric is better so you don’t accidently clip their skin because their fingers are SO tiny. LINK: Electric Nail Filer
    • Nasal Aspirator, SO much easier than the suction bulb. LINK: Nasal Asipirator
    • 3 Zip Up Pajamas Newborn Size & Premie Size
    • 2 Different kind of Swaddles (Good options: Swaddle Me, Merlin’s Magic Sleep Sack, The Nestled Bean, Muslin Blanket)
    • Pacifiers (WubbaNub, Maam, classic)
    • 2 Cute Outfits (for pictures)
    • Boppy Pillow (for nursing)
    • Lovey or Special item (no blankets though!)
    • Check ahead if hospital provides diapers & wipes (many do)
  • For Daddy:
    • SNACKS & beverages.
    • Pillow & blanket (hospital may provide)
    • Folder (for important documents)
    • Clothes
    • Toiletries
    • Phone Charger
  • Other Ideas/Items:
    • Special photo props (like a Welcome baby banner)
    • Sign for special message “Thank You”, “I made that”, “Forever my Always”-etc.
    • Stationary to write a special letter to your baby to read on their 18th birthday
    • A Journal to process all the feels
    • Prenatal Vitamins
    • A book (but honestly I would spend as much time sleeping as possible)
    • Don’t forget your medication
    • Baby Book (put footprint & record special moments)
    • Nursing Cover (Only if you want but NOBODY will care, so don’t feel like you need to cover up)
    • Champagne (although if nursing you may only get a couple sips in).

Focus on the practical items you’ll need for postpartum healing, keeping your baby comfortable & your husband fed with snacks. The special props are cute, but you will have plenty of more glamorous photoshoot opportunities when you leave the hospital.

LEFT is after the birth of my first baby.
The RIGHT is right after my second.
You can see the difference of how exhausting, overwhelming & difficult the first experience was compared to the second.

Your body is about to do something INCREDIBLE, and it’s completely normal to feel so in love but ALSO like you got hit by a train & then handed a screaming baby. It’s a wonderful time but it’s also very physically painful & exhausting, so don’t have the unrealistic expectations of the hospital being a photo booth opportunity. The most important part is the safety of you and your baby.

Again, please- from one mama to another, if you plan to give birth vaginally do yourself the big favor and get the Earth Mama Perineal Balm and Spray. It will help ease the pain and bring much needed relief to your lady parts.

Let’s hear from other mamas! What was the most essential item that YOU packed in your hospital bag? What would you add to this list?