What to PACK when Traveling Overseas with a Baby & a Toddler

Traveling to another country with young children can be very exciting and a bit overwhelming. Here is a list of what to pack for kid’s 2yrs and under.

Carry On: You are allowed a complimentary carry on or diaper bag on most overseas flights.

  • You will want at least 1 set of change of clothes,
  • Enough diapers to survive a 24hr layover, (Even if your toddler is potty trained, I recommend diapers for the day of travel because you do NOT want an accident in the plane).
  • 1 snack per every 2 hours you’re traveling,
  • 1 fruit/veggie puree POUCH per every 4hrs you’re traveling
  • A Washable Silicon Pouch Bib
  • Pack of Wipes
  • A Special Item (Lovey, Pacifier, stuffed animal, blanket)
  • 1 game/activity per every 3hrs you’re traveling.
  • A Jacket & hat- it gets cold on the plane!
  • Extra Pacifier
  • Baby Carrier
  • Refillable Water Bottle
  • If Nursing maybe a nursing cover because it can feel a bit vulnerable nursing SO close to strangers on a plane & a Boppy Pillow because it’ll help save your back AND it doubles as a comfy bed for your baby!
  • (If formula feeding- have enough for a surprise 24hr layover, burp cloth, extra bottle)

Checked Bag: This most likely will have a baggage fee attached to it usually between ($50-$75). I suggest just packing your kid’s clothes with your own if you have enough room so you’re only paying for 1 checked suitcase.

  • Clothing- Research the weather ahead of time and pack for 5 degrees over and 5 degrees under as a precaution as well as raincoat.
  • Baby Monitor
  • White Noise Machine
  • Diapers at least for the first 48hrs so you’re not panicked
  • Any Medication your child may need (teething, cold, allergies). It can be difficult finding the right medication in foreign countries.
  • Gripe Water
  • Nasal Aspirator
  • Accessories (hair ties, hats, sunglasses- etc)
  • Toothbrush
  • Swimsuit & Swim Diaper
  • If Formula Feeding research ahead of time to see how accessible your formula is to purchase in the country you’re visiting because it may not be sold, therefor you may want to bring the amount you need with you. Best to not change formula brands when your baby is already adjusting to so many other changes.

Extra Tips for Packing/ Temporary Traveling Solutions:

  • Most flights also allow you to check in a STROLLER at the gate. I highly recommend doing this so that your kids are contained and SAFE in the crowded airport, your hands are freer, it’ll help cart your bags around, and you will also have your stroller on your vacation.
  • I recommend a sturdy jogging stroller (Like “City Select Jogging Stroller”) for old ROUGH roads (like the cobblestone in Europe) or a light umbrella stroller or “Yo Yo stroller” easy to fold & carry for vacations with more complicated transportation (metros, busses, trains, escalators, boats- etc) that do not accommodate strollers. If you need both, bring your sturdy stroller and then purchase a cheap umbrella stroller during your vacation.
  • Make sure to also research if you need OUTLET ADAPTERS for your vacation. For example traveling from the US to Europe you need adapters to use any electronics.
  • You may want to bring outlet covers to baby proof where you’re going, however if the outlets are different and your covers do not fit- use TAPE to temporarily cover outlets.
  • If you need to BLACK OUT windows for the baby to sleep/nap comfortably use tin foil, black trash bags and tape to temporarily black out the light. It may look a little ugly, but whatever you can do to help the baby sleep on vacation is most important.

Your top priorities as a parent don’t change much while you’re on vacation. Just make sure your baby is SAFE, FED, RESTED, and LOVED. Everything else may be unfamiliar, but mommy & daddy’s arms are the same so give lots of hugs.

Have extra grace & patience with yourself and your family and have a safe flight! Hope this packing list helps!