Best Events to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Central Florida

Ain’t no hood like Motherhood. The gang initiation we went through was WILD. Today is our day to treat ourselves and invest in some serious self care by tapping into the things WE love to do and be around the people we have a good time with.

When you go through this list, do me a favor and pick what YOU (or the Mom you’re thinking of) would love– NOT what’s best for everyone else’s schedule like you normally do. The world will not fall apart if MAMA gets a day to rest, let loose, and have a great day. You deserve this- now go have FUN!

Mom’s get in FREE for Mother’s Day at Leu Gardens in Winter Park. Last year while my mom was visiting we went and it could not have been more perfect. The gardens are very stroller friendly, many shaded trails, and plenty of beautiful backdrops for some Mommy & Me photos. We’re a big fan! 3yrs old & under are always FREE! Here’s the link to more information: Leu Gardens Mother’s Day Special

What do Mom’s need more of? Relaxation. And what could be more zen than doing yoga in a garden? Mead Gardens is hosting a Mommy & Me YOGA event that’s only $12 per family Saturday May 7th at 10:30am, so Moms can recenter and find the balance within. LINK: Mommy & Me Yoga

Day Spa Oviedo is handing out complimentary Mimosas when moms take advantage of this special Mother’s Day massage Saturday May 7th. The special includes a 1hr massage and foot scrub for only $65. LINK: Day Spa Oviedo

For Moms that are more Go-Go, check out this deal Island H2O Water Park is having! Moms that go on Mother’s Day you will receive a free RETURN ticket to use later in the year. This is just the start of summer heat, so I’m sure you’ll use it! LINK: Island H2O Mother’s Day Special

One of the many joys of Motherhood that no one talks about is dealing with many interesting smells… which is why candles are always a great gift! Take it one step further and gift mom with this special event! Indeu Apothecary and Zerenity Candle Co. are partnering together to make the ultimate candle making experience for the crafty mama. Sat May 7th 11:30-12:30 located in Edgewater. Dr in Orlando. $50 Tickets include all supplies so all you have to do is shop up and have a good time. Here’s the LINK: Mother’s Day Candle Workshop

Here’s the perfect workshop for the Mama who loves to entertain. Stop on by at the Oviedo Mall for an amazing couples class by High Society Charcuterie at Our Suite Village Saturday May 7th from 2:00-3:30. Tickets are $95 per couple and include everything to make the beautiful and popular Charcuterie board demonstrated by a professional. Here’s the LINK for more information: Charcuterie Couples Workshop

Growing up in Japan, my mom and I always loved having tea together. Tea time is the perfect setting to sit a while and enjoy each other’s company because it’s more relaxed. Infusion Tea in Edgewater is hosting a special Mother’s Day Tea Time Package available on site OR to-go so you can bring the party to mom if she’s unable to venture out or prefers to stay home. For $69 for 2 people or $99 for 4, drinks, macaroons, sandwiches, scones, cake and anything you could imagine for your perfect tea party will be provided. LINK: Infusion Tea Package

Here’s something fun to do with the kids! Decorate a flower pot for mom or grandma together at Deltona Community Gardens event May 7th. LINK: Deltona Mother’s Day Flower Pot Craft

The Spill in Winter Park has a special Paint & Sip event from 3-5pm. Perfect for a couple or a mom’s night out even. You will need to purchase tickets in advance. LINK: DIY Paint & Sip Spill

Need to get away for a fun night out? The Keg Social in Waterford Lakes is a great spot for dates, mom’s night out, and perfect for adult groups with activities such as bowling, axe throwing, karaoke, ping pong, arcade games and several bars serving up liquid courage to do it all! There is no Mother’s Day Special unfortunately, but it’s a great option for the mom that just wants to let loose with a few friends. LINK: The Keg Social

Three Mother’s Day Brunches to consider:

  1. I highly recommend the Mother’s Day Brunch Buffet at the Alfond Inn located in Winter Park. We went as a family for Easter and it was so well managed. The perfect setting for the family, girlfriends, or taking mom or grandma out. Located very close to Winter Park’s beautiful park to take a stroll before or after brunch. Brunch includes free valet parking, a complimentary mimosa, & beautiful live music by a pianist (which I love because it’s prominent enough to fill the room with beautiful music, but quiet enough to have easy conversation with the person across the table). Here is the LINK: Alfond Inn Mother’s Day Brunch

2. Want to take a trip down memory lane with Fred Astaire & Audrey Hepburn? This brunch also includes a show! Funny Face (1957) will be featured while you enjoy a delicious buffet and laugh to your heart’s content at the Enzian Theater. There is also a VIP option that includes a gift for mom & a Mimosa bar! Here is the LINK: Funny Face Brunch

3. For the mom that rocks- The Hard Rock Cafe in Daytona which is hosting a special champagne Mother’s Day Brunch. Indoor & Outdoor seating will be available, and there will also be live entertainment from Les B Fine from 11-4pm. Must purchase tickets in advance. Kid’s under 5yrs are free! LINK: Hard Rock Brunch

Happy Mother’s Day from the bottom of my heart. You are AMAZING. You really are, and I hope you have an amazing Mother’s Day reflecting on your journey and feeling blessed when you think about where you are now. I know it can be SO hard mama, but there is nothing more important than what you’re doing now, and I’m proud of you. Now GO enjoy YOUR DAY!

Alright Mama, let’s hear from YOU! What are you doing this Mother’s Day?

10 Tips for the Grieving Mom on Mother’s Day

There are no words that I could write to a Mother who lost their child that would alleviate any pain. Grief is the shadow of love. The greater the love, the greater the shadow cast.

My Mother lost her daughter (my sister) May 9, 2013, a few days before Mother’s Day that year… Since then we’ve just learned to live in the shade- not overcome by darkness, but still affected. The hardest days are holidays and the ordinary ones that come out of nowhere without warning. Grief is a tricky beast, and enjoys the element of surprise. But Mother’s Day- that is a day you can count on to never be the same.

Here are some ideas for the Grieving Mom on Mother’s Day.

1. Go to the water. The beach, a pond, a lake, a waterfall, a pool, hot tub- whatever you can find. Water is incredibly healing- looking at it, drinking it, diving in, and just listening to it move. You won’t even realize your own tears till you see the ripples trickling around you.

2. Write to them. What would you say to them if they were here? What would you laugh about? Argue about? What would they think of your new hair or the book you’re reading? Imagine them as they were the last time you saw them. Imagine them wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day.

3. Prepare a meal that they loved.

4. Go outside and walk for at least 30 minutes. Even if it’s raining (remember, water is good!). The fresh air and physical movement of walking will help your brain process the deep emotions within you.

5. Look up Events in your community. Often times there are gatherings organized so that moms don’t have to face the day alone. (For those in Central Florida there is a gathering at Ormond Beach & another in Glenn Haven Memorial Park).

6. Be around family & friends and tell them (or tell your husband to tell them) exactly what you need. Do you want to talk about it? Do you need to cry and not feel weird? Do you need a distraction and not have anyone mention it? Be honest and share how they can support you. Because grief is so different for each person they will only know what you communicate to them.

7. Wear waterproof makeup and carry sunglasses in your bag just in case.

8. Listen to music you like. People often underestimate and overlook the power of music. It is the only thing that stimulates both sides of the brain at once.

9. Pet a dog or cat. If you don’t have one, ask your friend if you can borrow theirs or hold one at a pet shop. It is scientifically proven to help calm and comfort people. Animals are wonderful companions because they don’t talk but still interact. There is no stress or expectation for you to behave a certain way. You can just be together, and it is enough.

10. Write a list of 10 things you’re thankful for about the time you had with your child. If you want to write more than 10, just keep going. Focus on the love rather than the shadow of grief. It’s absolutely heartbreaking for a Mother’s time to be cut off with their child, but you can still look back on the time you had together and feel that warmth of great love shared.

I hope those tips are helpful for you to process on such a difficult day.

If you are mourning the loss of a miscarriage, you may need to adjust these tips- but still take time to think of your angel baby and grieve the time you did not have together.

Perhaps one final idea for both would be to babysit someone else’s child for the day while Mommy & Daddy go on a date. It won’t be the same at all as mothering your own child, but perhaps it will stir up some fun memories while creating some new ones. It may be healing to invest some of that Motherly love into another child’s life.

Is there something special that you do to honor the life of a child who passed? What other tips would you give to moms who had a miscarriage or mourning child loss?

20 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

If you need some ideas for Mother’s Day, here’s a long list to inspire you!

  1. 1. Go through her social media and pick out a photo of her and the kids to print and frame it. This inexpensive gift will be a priceless treasure because of how kind and thoughtful it is. By picking a photo SHE posted you already have her approval that it is a picture that she feels beautiful in.
    1. TIP: Thrift stores are overflowing with frames, even brand new ones. Pick the frame first (for the size) because it’s easier to print a photo to a specific size frame, than to find a frame to fit a specific size photo.

2. Help the kids make a gift. Depending on their age it may be something simple like painting a baby’s foot and stamping it on a card OR a little more advanced like beading a bracelet or doing some home improvement project.

3. Buy a gift card to her favorite store. A lot of people think gift cards are impersonal but for me personally, these are my favorite gifts because I often feel guilty spending money on myself. A gift card releases me from the guilt because it’s money already spent!

4. Edible arrangements. I love flowers but they die so quickly in our house since I forget to take care of them. Edible arrangements give the same bouquet WOW factor, but add another level of edible delight! Popular ones are often made with fruit, candy, chocolate dipped strawberries & baked goods! Yum!

5. Mother’s Day is the BUSIEST day in the restaurant industry, and it often is not the greatest dining experience simply because of the chaos. Rather than taking Mama out to dinner that weekend, take her the weekend before or after- and prepare a PICNIC on Mother’s Day. It’ll be calmer, more intimate & thoughtful than waiting an extra 45 minutes on food in a loud cramped dining area. Tip: You can always do take out for the picnic as well (but check ahead because many restaurants don’t do take out on Mother’s Day).

6. Make a mix CD. It’s old school, but that just makes it more romantic/ thoughtful. What songs remind you of her? The songs you played in the car when you first met, the songs she hums in the kitchen, the songs she sang to you while growing up (if it’s your mom). Music stimulates the hippocampus (memory part of your brain) and it has the magic to transport people back into some of their happiest seasons of life.

7. Ask her casually what her bucket list is. Then surprise her by crossing one off together for Mother’s Day.

8. If she enjoys some fun & attention- order her a singing gram to surprise her at work on Friday or at the house on Sunday.

9. If she’s been sore or aching set her up with a massage. There are always amazing add ons like foot massage, facial, aromatherapy, extended time- make it a little more special than what she would normally get.

10. Classic Breakfast in bed. Elevate it with a Mimosa, bringing the laptop with her favorite show up & ready to go, fresh or fake flowers and involving the kids in making breakfast. Right away you’re communicating to both Mom AND the kids that this is MOM’s special day. Make sure to watch the kids so mom can enjoy eating the breakfast too.

11. Clean the house Saturday Night or Sunday morning. A messy house can be a distraction or cause of stress. By eliminating it, the day is instantly more enjoyable. No dishes in the sink, all toys picked up, dirty laundry in the hamper, vacuumed carpet, clean dog, straighten out her closet and put all the clothes on hangers for her.

12. Take her for a day OUT. Botanical Gardens, Amusement Park, Aquarium, Arcade, Boat tour, nature hike, the beach, Karaoke, Shopping, Bowling, a play, the opera, a concert- go out and have some fun!

13. Take a class. What has she shown interest in or mentioned she wanted to learn more about? There are so many classes; dancing, cooking, pottery making, painting, sign/ house decor making– A class is a fun way to show that you’re interested in what she’s interested in. Or if it’ll only make you miserable- treat her and her friend to the class while you watch the kids because that’s also a gift.

14. Set her up in a hotel (Saturday night may work better than Sunday night). My husband did this for me last year and it was AMAZING. However, I am such a social butterfly I wish I’d brought a friend with me- so for the future that’s what I’ll do. Mama may be an introvert and need that solo time, so just know what your lady needs.

15. Set up a photo shoot to do a “Mommy & Me” photo session. These pictures will capture moments to last forever. (Make sure to tell her in advanced to she can do whatever she needs to feel beautiful- hair done, nails done, wardrobe picked out- etc).

16. Tell her to go to the salon and get her dream hairstyle. A lot of women would like to do more than the average maintenance trim, but are hesitant on the price to do more. Ask her to show you a picture of her dream look, print it out, and tell her to go for it! (She’ll need to know ahead of time so she can make the appointment if you want her to go before or by Mother’s Day- or you can gift the photo on Mother’s Day and she can make an appointment afterwards). Same concept with nails, clothes, makeup, a sport, an interest or hobby- if she’s been holding back on something tell her to go treat herself!

17. Buy her jewelry- but not just anything from a store. You can get breastmilk jewelry for breastfeeding mothers, or jewelry made with ashes for bereaved mothers, and other specific lockets that hold special pictures or momentos.

18. RAGE room. Maybe it’s been a tough year for mama and she needs to let out some steam. Rage rooms are places you go to break things, and can be incredibly therapeutic. Axe throwing, gun range, go karts, paintball, laser tag, and batting cages are also fun activities to just “let it out!”

19. Make a card and write a very personal message. A long one. If you’re like me, I’m not always the best communicating through words how I really feel and appreciate the small things- but it’s so important to hear and to say. Carve out an hour and pour your heart out, she needs it and you need it too. Out of the entire list, this is the most important one.

20. If you’re still feeling at a loss- text her bestie. Ask what are the things she’s been wanting to do, something she’s wanted to buy, what’s stressing her out, what does she feel like she never gets to do anymore and misses, what’s her favorite store and what she needs. If her best friend can’t tell you, then you can always ask her directly. If she says nothing, there is something deeper going on. Give her the space to be brutally honest and share what she needs to feel loved, seen, heard, valued & appreciated. If she says she just needs a day to herself- that IS an answer. Take the kids out for the day, and give her that time to herself, and take note because she probably needs days like that more than once a year if she’s feeling so burn out. Continue the conversation and be supportive.

Mother’s Day is not just a holiday- it’s a CHECK IN to see what Mom needs; more dates, more girls nights, more visits from grown kids, help with the house, less pressure to cook, a hobby, feeling pampered, words of affirmation, letting out steam- take note of what she’s asking for, and find ways to keep giving support throughout the year.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there.

For all you’ve given, hopefully these gift ideas will bless you. -The Sunshine Mama

Let’s hear from you! What did you decide to do for your Mom or the Mother of your children? Are you a Mama? Which gift are you hoping for the most?

Best Mother’s Day Gifts in Central Florida

One of the many wonderful things about our country is the variety of small businesses owned by talented individuals in our community. Small businesses are able to provide a personal touch that large corporations cannot which makes them the ideal shop to grab gifts for loved ones- and who could we love more than Mom!

Here are some small businesses in the Orlando area featuring gifts, specials & promotions perfect for Mother’s Day.

Simply Sweet Obsession has a variety of edible bouquets and delectable treats that will make mama feel extra special! Call 321-961-9336 and visit their FB page: Simply Sweet Obsession Yum!

Every mom feels like a new woman when leaving the salon. Check out Southern Stylz by Dena for this Mother’s Day blow out special! Located in Oviedo. Here is her FB Page: Southern Stylz by Dena

This is the PERFECT gift for the nursing mama. Precious Keepsakes makes beautiful rings, earrings, & necklaces with mom’s very own unique breast milk! An incredible token to commemorate the beautiful sacrifice of a mother’s love for her baby. Here’s the website: precious keepsakes

Have the kiddos MAKE a special Mother’s Day gift at Twiddlebugs in Oviedo on April 30th & May 1st for only $22. Here’s the LINK to sign up! Twiddle Bugs Kid’s Class

Face & Body Bar wants mom’s to relax by throwing in this amazing Mother’s Day Deal! When you get a berry chocolate rejuvenating facial, you will get a hydrating eye treatment for free! Now THAT is what this tired mom needs! Here is her website and IG: @fabbspa.

When you gift mom a massage this Spa will gift them a complimentary Mimosa! I’m thinking Mom’s day out with the girls- brunch & nails after!! Check out this Mother’s Day Special at the Day Spa of Oviedo and enjoy being pampered from head to toe. Book today!

What could be better than a bouquet of flowers? How about one that tastes as good as it looks! Gen’s Dream Sweets is offering 10% off Mother’s Day Sugar Cookie Bouquets! She also makes customized cookies, cakes & cupcakes. Located in Kissimmee and can deliver for a small fee. Check out her creations through her IG: @gensdreamsweets and DM or Text 786-332-0592 to order.

Speaking of flowers, fresh cut bouquets are often given- but why not give a potted plant that will be a gift loved all year round! Blue Moon Tropical located in Eustis will deliver your special plant for FREE with the code “Mother’s Day” at check out. LINK: Blue Moon Tropics

Summer is coming, and Ritmokru dance fitness is offering a FREE class as a gift to Mom’s for Mother’s Day! The best way to stay active is by making it fun! Located in Oviedo, no pre registration required. As a mom, I LOVE that I can work out after the kids are in bed. It’s so difficult to find evening group fitness classes. IG: @ritmokru

Check out this Mother’s Day Special at Breaking Barre Oviedo. They’re offering 30% off the first month as well as hosting a precious Mommy & Me Ballet class May 1st for kids 2-12yrs old. Don’t miss out, sign up today!

Here’s a gift idea special for mom no matter the distance! Make Momentos allows you or your little one to narrate an E-Book in their sweet voice. Immagine how touched grandma will be hearing their grandbabies voice sharing a story. Or how about the mama working abroad or deployed while serving in the military- I’m tearing up just thinking about it (🥺 military brat over here). Here’s how it works: How It Works and here’s how to order: & Follow their cute IG: @make_momentos.

Give moms a break and order them a Kit Kat Cake from Oh My Delights! This small business specializes in bakery items you don’t find from just anywhere! Charlottes, Brookies, Brazilian fudge balls and more. As if this deal couldn’t get sweeter, Oh My Delights is offering 15% off with code: Delight. Order directly through Instagram @ohmy.delights. Pictures and prices are listed in the highlights.

The Haus of Dolls’ Mother’s Day Special this year is $150 Ombré Powder Brows (which is a +$400 value)!! Wow! Located in Winter Park. Visit their website: Haus of Dolls And check out their IG: Haus of Dolls IG

It’s Strawberry Season, and KC Strawberries has got mom covered! With seven amazing options fit for a queen, take a look! Which one is will you be hinting at your partner? I’ve got my eye on look 3 😉 Contact via Instagram: KC Strawberries. You can also place an order by texting 4077284152. Located in Apopka, Florida.

A gift that will be cherished forever is the gift of sentimental art. Local artist Julie Kaplan sells both originals and prints of her paintings and has a gallery full of beautiful art in honor for Mother’s Day. Her Instagram is @juliekaplan_art and you can view her work through this LINK: Julie Kaplan Art

Growing up, the gift that my mom wanted most on Mother’s Day was a nice family photo. Unfortunately getting 3 teenage girls to smile at the same time is not a job for the faint of heart! It takes a professional, and Gina Vergara is here to save the day with an amazing deal on Mommy & Me photo sessions! 1 hour session with 20 digital images and two 5×7 prints for $150! Here’s her website: Gina Vergara Photography

And here’s one last idea of how to make mom feel special. Yard Signs are a growing trend for various occasions and they are adorable. Winter Garden yard greetings makes it easy taking care of the set up & tear down so all you have to do is click here: Winter Garden Yard Greetings.

At the end of the day, most Moms just want to feel appreciated, loved, thought of, seen and heard. ALL of these gifts reflect the care & attention Moms crave, so pick a few businesses to support but DON’T FORGET to write a card expressing from your heart how this gift reflects the way YOU appreciate, love, think of, see & know this amazing woman who’s sacrificed so much- and yet is somehow MORE not less. Moms need that reminder so often, so write it down, and make it count.

Happy Mother’s Day from one mama to the next.

Let’s hear from you! Which gifts are you hoping for on Mother’s Day? Which one do you think your mom would love?

10 Things I wish I knew about the First 3 Months with a Baby

  1. Start giving your baby Vitamin D drops at 3 weeks old (if breastfeeding).
    • Breast Milk is incredible. Your body creates its own unique formula specifically for your babies needs- however one vitamin your body cannot pass on to your baby is Vitamin D, which is why it is recommended to start these drops at 3 weeks old. Don’t freak out if you haven’t done this- it is not a life or death matter, but vitamin D will help your baby grow & develop. If you’re formula feeding your baby- lucky you! Your formula (most likely) already includes vitamin D! You can check the label just to make sure. Here is an article going into more depth: Vitamin D for Babies
  2. The first couple months are a pajama party- treat yourself to silky pajamas and don’t worry about dressing your baby up, just keep them in pajamas, otherwise known as “Sleep n Plays” because it’s more comfortable for them to sleep & play in!
    • This tip would have saved a lot of money I wasted on newborn-6m old outfits and a lot of anxiety trying to dress my baby up. The cute outfits were for special occasions only & pictures, then back to pajamas!
  3. Newborns are sensitive to dairy, acidic foods (like tomato soup) & caffeine being passed through breast milk.
    • If your baby is fussy right after nursing, try eliminating these items first to see if it improves. Once I became dairy free it solved a lot of problems for fussiness & gas for my newborn.
  4. Make sure your baby isn’t sleeping only on one side.
    • Our first baby almost had to get a helmet to correct her head shape because she favored sleeping on one side of her head more than the other. This would have been easily avoided if we just paid more attention to positioning her head to the other side more often, doing more tummy time earlier on, and tilting her head while she slept to the other side.
  5. “Pump & Dump” is a MYTH.
    • If you’re affected by alcohol it does not matter if you pump and dump your breast milk because the alcohol is still in your system and it will not make a difference. Drinking while nursing is a controversial subject (like basically every topic in motherhood- 🤪) the best thing to do is have the right information and make the decision you believe is safe for you and your baby. Here is a link to more information: CDC Guidelines Drinking and Nursing
  6. Reexamine your skincare and bath care products.
    • I never realized that your skin is your body’s largest organ and it absorbs everything you put on it. I became aware of this while pregnant and ended up changing several products I used to more natural & less toxic option. It is important for expecting and nursing mothers to be mindful that what they are putting on their body is what they’re putting into their body and their baby’s body. I’m not saying this to represent a particular brand, there are plenty of great options out there!
  7. BEST recipe for sitz bath.
    • The only three things that helped my lady parts recover after a very rough first birth (that included some tearing & hemorrhoids were); Earth Mama Perineal balm, hemorrhoid cream, and this sitz bath recipe. Enjoy!
      • 2 Cups Epsom Salt
      • 1 Cup Witch Hazel
      • 2 drops Lavender Essential Oil
      • 2 drops Rosemary Essential Oil (I would only use DoTerra, Young Living, or some other reputable brand! Nothing synthetic or cheap!! *not affiliated with these companies*)
      • Warm Bath Water 3 inches deep. Soak for 30 minutes. If baby is awake, have the Baby in a swing in the bathroom with you.
  8. This old video from the Oprah shows deciphers the 5 cries newborns make. LINK: Secret Language of Babies
    • Before CRYING always meant distress, pain, sadness, or something terrible happening- and it set my anxiety on fire. Something I had to rewire my brain to do was when I heard my baby cry to think of it as them talking and communicating their needs to me. This helped me stay much calmer and think more pragmatically then panic or get frustrated. Often times your baby is crying for a reason, which means once you find a solution it can be stopped. This video helps to understand your baby’s needs so that you can find the solution they need. If that’s not good news, I don’t know what is.
    • This clip is GENIUS and saved my mama heart so much heartache. My first baby cried often when I first put her down for a nap, so I’d pick her up thinking maybe she wasn’t tired- but she most certainly was, yet wouldn’t sleep and I felt so helpless not knowing what to do. After watching this video the mystery was solved! She needed to burp! I have never known a baby before or since who needed to be burped as much as she did- before nursing, during nursing, after nursing, an hour after nursing, right before a nap (true story!) apparently my baby needed to be excessively burped; but it worked like MAGIC! She rarely cried after I put her down once I figured this out, and I would have never known without this video deciphering her needs.
  9. Best way for me to get vitamins, proteins, fruits & veggies quickly was making protein shakes & smoothies. Make sure they’re dairy free.
    • Seriously, why isn’t this talked about more. It’s SO simple, yet it makes a BIG impact on your physical, mental & emotional health. It can be prepared & consumed ONE handed- If your baby is awake, use the blender. If the baby is asleep- use a blender bottle. You can eat while nursing, walking, driving, in a nap trap, playing, holding the baby- it is easier than cereal, microwave burritos & peanut butter & jelly and it is 100x’s healthier and more satisfying for your needs and your baby’s needs. Your diet will greatly impact your breastmilk supply and your postpartum hormones including that awful “mommy brain” brain fog. Even if you don’t normally eat protein shakes & smoothies, just try it out and see if it works for you.
  10. It’s hard for everyone.
    • After I had a baby I was shocked. How in the world are people not extinct? And women with multiple children- how are they even alive? Why does everyone seem to be fine and doing stunning newborn photo shoots when I can’t even take a shower or spell my own name. I always thought that I was a strong person, but the transition into motherhood was very raw, vulnerable and humbling. I knew nothing, so I asked everything- and through reaching out I found out, it IS hard for everyone, some people are just more discrete or hide it better. Some of them have taken care of younger siblings or gone through other life experiences which have given them more confidence going into motherhood- but it is absolutely a huge sacrifice every woman can relate to regardless how the pregnancy, the birth, the postpartum journey- every mom has their own unique story, but it’s something we should be proud to share with others. Not to compare, but to prepare. Not to elevate ourselves, but to encourage others. Not to be fake and seem better, but to get real and be vulnerable. You’re not the only one facing hardship and you’re not a bad mom for having a rough time. It’s more than an adjustment, it’s a new life, and you will get the hang of it one day at a time.

I hope these 10 points give you a little transparent perspective into the Newborn stage with your bundle of joy. May they be helpful, practical, and comforting to you during this exciting and raw season of life. Cheers Mama, you’ve got this!

Which point was most helpful to you? What is something you would add to the list?

5 Easter Activities for EGGhausted Parents of Littles

Hey Mom & Dad- you tired? Feeling the hippity hoppty pressure of Easter shenanigans?

Well, here are 5 fun low maintenance activities specifically with you in mind.

  1. Throw some empty fake eggs in the yard and watch your kid collect them.
    • Toddlers can be entertained for a VERY long time if you switch it up. Do different rounds like:
      • Round One: Counting- Count out loud each egg they find. 10-20 eggs seems like a good number.
      • Round Two: Colors- tell them to collect all the blue eggs, then all the pink- etc.
      • Round Three: Bunny Hop- tell them to collect all the eggs hopping like a bunny. Then make them do it again hopping on one foot. This burn some of that neverending toddler energy.
      • Round Four: Blind- tell them they have to find the eggs blindfolded- obviously make sure it’s a safe area and don’t be a jerk making it too hard! Just a couple feet in front of them is good.
    • You get the picture, just switch it up- great way to work on skills.
  2. Draw an Oval on a piece of paper.
    • Yup… that’s as simple as it gets. Give it to your little artist and tell them it’s an Easter Egg and give them colors to decorate it. We like these markers *link: Kwik Stix because they’re easiest for my toddler to draw with & are washable, but anything will do. It’s 100x’s easier than the dye kits and just as satisfying.
  3. Hide a Bunny.
    • Either use a stuffed animal, action figure, or draw a bunny on a piece of paper and hide it in the living room. Classic.
  4. Do the Egg Toss.
    • Take one of the plastic eggs from earlier and toss it back & forth. Sounds silly, but it’s good for their hand eye coordination and they will love it.
      • TIP: Put some playdough or a small toy inside to give it a little weight to make it easier to throw.
    • If you’re feeling dangerous, do the classic egg toss with a REAL egg- the goal is to see how far you can toss it without breaking the egg, but come on… a toddler + raw egg + throwing… you’re asking for it my friend. There’s a Dr.Phil episode with your name on it- cause you crazy.
  5. Egg in Spoon
    • Take the plastic egg and place it on a plastic spoon, then set the spoon between your toddlers clenched teeth. Then tell them they cannot drop the plastic egg and set them on a journey- through the backyard, around the house, to Mordor- wherever it’s safe to go.
    • This one is genius because you’ve basically silenced your child so you can enjoy a moment of peace as they tiptoe quietly around the backyard feeling like a champion. You’re welcome.

If you are TOO egghausted for one or all of these activities, give yourself grace and buy an Easter basket. It’s basically impossible to have a bad day when you wake up to one of those bad boys on the kitchen table. Which reminds me- I also saw that Mission BBQ is making Easter Hams, which is a winner. The website says it feeds 14-16 people, which means it’ll be enough for you if you’re breastfeeding. Here’s the link for more information on that: Mission BBQ Easter HAM

Personally in our house the Easter Bunny doesn’t have much to do with the true celebration, but I love all the added holiday fuss because it’s more opportunity to have memorable quality family time. Being a parent is HARD, so don’t be too hard on yourself or your littles- just try to have some fun and enjoy the age & stage you’re in, because good or bad it’ll be gone soon.

Hope these ideas help & Hoppy Easter!