20 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

If you need some ideas for Mother’s Day, here’s a long list to inspire you!

  1. 1. Go through her social media and pick out a photo of her and the kids to print and frame it. This inexpensive gift will be a priceless treasure because of how kind and thoughtful it is. By picking a photo SHE posted you already have her approval that it is a picture that she feels beautiful in.
    1. TIP: Thrift stores are overflowing with frames, even brand new ones. Pick the frame first (for the size) because it’s easier to print a photo to a specific size frame, than to find a frame to fit a specific size photo.

2. Help the kids make a gift. Depending on their age it may be something simple like painting a baby’s foot and stamping it on a card OR a little more advanced like beading a bracelet or doing some home improvement project.

3. Buy a gift card to her favorite store. A lot of people think gift cards are impersonal but for me personally, these are my favorite gifts because I often feel guilty spending money on myself. A gift card releases me from the guilt because it’s money already spent!

4. Edible arrangements. I love flowers but they die so quickly in our house since I forget to take care of them. Edible arrangements give the same bouquet WOW factor, but add another level of edible delight! Popular ones are often made with fruit, candy, chocolate dipped strawberries & baked goods! Yum!

5. Mother’s Day is the BUSIEST day in the restaurant industry, and it often is not the greatest dining experience simply because of the chaos. Rather than taking Mama out to dinner that weekend, take her the weekend before or after- and prepare a PICNIC on Mother’s Day. It’ll be calmer, more intimate & thoughtful than waiting an extra 45 minutes on food in a loud cramped dining area. Tip: You can always do take out for the picnic as well (but check ahead because many restaurants don’t do take out on Mother’s Day).

6. Make a mix CD. It’s old school, but that just makes it more romantic/ thoughtful. What songs remind you of her? The songs you played in the car when you first met, the songs she hums in the kitchen, the songs she sang to you while growing up (if it’s your mom). Music stimulates the hippocampus (memory part of your brain) and it has the magic to transport people back into some of their happiest seasons of life.

7. Ask her casually what her bucket list is. Then surprise her by crossing one off together for Mother’s Day.

8. If she enjoys some fun & attention- order her a singing gram to surprise her at work on Friday or at the house on Sunday.

9. If she’s been sore or aching set her up with a massage. There are always amazing add ons like foot massage, facial, aromatherapy, extended time- make it a little more special than what she would normally get.

10. Classic Breakfast in bed. Elevate it with a Mimosa, bringing the laptop with her favorite show up & ready to go, fresh or fake flowers and involving the kids in making breakfast. Right away you’re communicating to both Mom AND the kids that this is MOM’s special day. Make sure to watch the kids so mom can enjoy eating the breakfast too.

11. Clean the house Saturday Night or Sunday morning. A messy house can be a distraction or cause of stress. By eliminating it, the day is instantly more enjoyable. No dishes in the sink, all toys picked up, dirty laundry in the hamper, vacuumed carpet, clean dog, straighten out her closet and put all the clothes on hangers for her.

12. Take her for a day OUT. Botanical Gardens, Amusement Park, Aquarium, Arcade, Boat tour, nature hike, the beach, Karaoke, Shopping, Bowling, a play, the opera, a concert- go out and have some fun!

13. Take a class. What has she shown interest in or mentioned she wanted to learn more about? There are so many classes; dancing, cooking, pottery making, painting, sign/ house decor making– A class is a fun way to show that you’re interested in what she’s interested in. Or if it’ll only make you miserable- treat her and her friend to the class while you watch the kids because that’s also a gift.

14. Set her up in a hotel (Saturday night may work better than Sunday night). My husband did this for me last year and it was AMAZING. However, I am such a social butterfly I wish I’d brought a friend with me- so for the future that’s what I’ll do. Mama may be an introvert and need that solo time, so just know what your lady needs.

15. Set up a photo shoot to do a “Mommy & Me” photo session. These pictures will capture moments to last forever. (Make sure to tell her in advanced to she can do whatever she needs to feel beautiful- hair done, nails done, wardrobe picked out- etc).

16. Tell her to go to the salon and get her dream hairstyle. A lot of women would like to do more than the average maintenance trim, but are hesitant on the price to do more. Ask her to show you a picture of her dream look, print it out, and tell her to go for it! (She’ll need to know ahead of time so she can make the appointment if you want her to go before or by Mother’s Day- or you can gift the photo on Mother’s Day and she can make an appointment afterwards). Same concept with nails, clothes, makeup, a sport, an interest or hobby- if she’s been holding back on something tell her to go treat herself!

17. Buy her jewelry- but not just anything from a store. You can get breastmilk jewelry for breastfeeding mothers, or jewelry made with ashes for bereaved mothers, and other specific lockets that hold special pictures or momentos.

18. RAGE room. Maybe it’s been a tough year for mama and she needs to let out some steam. Rage rooms are places you go to break things, and can be incredibly therapeutic. Axe throwing, gun range, go karts, paintball, laser tag, and batting cages are also fun activities to just “let it out!”

19. Make a card and write a very personal message. A long one. If you’re like me, I’m not always the best communicating through words how I really feel and appreciate the small things- but it’s so important to hear and to say. Carve out an hour and pour your heart out, she needs it and you need it too. Out of the entire list, this is the most important one.

20. If you’re still feeling at a loss- text her bestie. Ask what are the things she’s been wanting to do, something she’s wanted to buy, what’s stressing her out, what does she feel like she never gets to do anymore and misses, what’s her favorite store and what she needs. If her best friend can’t tell you, then you can always ask her directly. If she says nothing, there is something deeper going on. Give her the space to be brutally honest and share what she needs to feel loved, seen, heard, valued & appreciated. If she says she just needs a day to herself- that IS an answer. Take the kids out for the day, and give her that time to herself, and take note because she probably needs days like that more than once a year if she’s feeling so burn out. Continue the conversation and be supportive.

Mother’s Day is not just a holiday- it’s a CHECK IN to see what Mom needs; more dates, more girls nights, more visits from grown kids, help with the house, less pressure to cook, a hobby, feeling pampered, words of affirmation, letting out steam- take note of what she’s asking for, and find ways to keep giving support throughout the year.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there.

For all you’ve given, hopefully these gift ideas will bless you. -The Sunshine Mama

Let’s hear from you! What did you decide to do for your Mom or the Mother of your children? Are you a Mama? Which gift are you hoping for the most?