10 Things I wish I knew about the First 3 Months with a Baby

  1. Start giving your baby Vitamin D drops at 3 weeks old (if breastfeeding).
    • Breast Milk is incredible. Your body creates its own unique formula specifically for your babies needs- however one vitamin your body cannot pass on to your baby is Vitamin D, which is why it is recommended to start these drops at 3 weeks old. Don’t freak out if you haven’t done this- it is not a life or death matter, but vitamin D will help your baby grow & develop. If you’re formula feeding your baby- lucky you! Your formula (most likely) already includes vitamin D! You can check the label just to make sure. Here is an article going into more depth: Vitamin D for Babies
  2. The first couple months are a pajama party- treat yourself to silky pajamas and don’t worry about dressing your baby up, just keep them in pajamas, otherwise known as “Sleep n Plays” because it’s more comfortable for them to sleep & play in!
    • This tip would have saved a lot of money I wasted on newborn-6m old outfits and a lot of anxiety trying to dress my baby up. The cute outfits were for special occasions only & pictures, then back to pajamas!
  3. Newborns are sensitive to dairy, acidic foods (like tomato soup) & caffeine being passed through breast milk.
    • If your baby is fussy right after nursing, try eliminating these items first to see if it improves. Once I became dairy free it solved a lot of problems for fussiness & gas for my newborn.
  4. Make sure your baby isn’t sleeping only on one side.
    • Our first baby almost had to get a helmet to correct her head shape because she favored sleeping on one side of her head more than the other. This would have been easily avoided if we just paid more attention to positioning her head to the other side more often, doing more tummy time earlier on, and tilting her head while she slept to the other side.
  5. “Pump & Dump” is a MYTH.
    • If you’re affected by alcohol it does not matter if you pump and dump your breast milk because the alcohol is still in your system and it will not make a difference. Drinking while nursing is a controversial subject (like basically every topic in motherhood- 🤪) the best thing to do is have the right information and make the decision you believe is safe for you and your baby. Here is a link to more information: CDC Guidelines Drinking and Nursing
  6. Reexamine your skincare and bath care products.
    • I never realized that your skin is your body’s largest organ and it absorbs everything you put on it. I became aware of this while pregnant and ended up changing several products I used to more natural & less toxic option. It is important for expecting and nursing mothers to be mindful that what they are putting on their body is what they’re putting into their body and their baby’s body. I’m not saying this to represent a particular brand, there are plenty of great options out there!
  7. BEST recipe for sitz bath.
    • The only three things that helped my lady parts recover after a very rough first birth (that included some tearing & hemorrhoids were); Earth Mama Perineal balm, hemorrhoid cream, and this sitz bath recipe. Enjoy!
      • 2 Cups Epsom Salt
      • 1 Cup Witch Hazel
      • 2 drops Lavender Essential Oil
      • 2 drops Rosemary Essential Oil (I would only use DoTerra, Young Living, or some other reputable brand! Nothing synthetic or cheap!! *not affiliated with these companies*)
      • Warm Bath Water 3 inches deep. Soak for 30 minutes. If baby is awake, have the Baby in a swing in the bathroom with you.
  8. This old video from the Oprah shows deciphers the 5 cries newborns make. LINK: Secret Language of Babies
    • Before CRYING always meant distress, pain, sadness, or something terrible happening- and it set my anxiety on fire. Something I had to rewire my brain to do was when I heard my baby cry to think of it as them talking and communicating their needs to me. This helped me stay much calmer and think more pragmatically then panic or get frustrated. Often times your baby is crying for a reason, which means once you find a solution it can be stopped. This video helps to understand your baby’s needs so that you can find the solution they need. If that’s not good news, I don’t know what is.
    • This clip is GENIUS and saved my mama heart so much heartache. My first baby cried often when I first put her down for a nap, so I’d pick her up thinking maybe she wasn’t tired- but she most certainly was, yet wouldn’t sleep and I felt so helpless not knowing what to do. After watching this video the mystery was solved! She needed to burp! I have never known a baby before or since who needed to be burped as much as she did- before nursing, during nursing, after nursing, an hour after nursing, right before a nap (true story!) apparently my baby needed to be excessively burped; but it worked like MAGIC! She rarely cried after I put her down once I figured this out, and I would have never known without this video deciphering her needs.
  9. Best way for me to get vitamins, proteins, fruits & veggies quickly was making protein shakes & smoothies. Make sure they’re dairy free.
    • Seriously, why isn’t this talked about more. It’s SO simple, yet it makes a BIG impact on your physical, mental & emotional health. It can be prepared & consumed ONE handed- If your baby is awake, use the blender. If the baby is asleep- use a blender bottle. You can eat while nursing, walking, driving, in a nap trap, playing, holding the baby- it is easier than cereal, microwave burritos & peanut butter & jelly and it is 100x’s healthier and more satisfying for your needs and your baby’s needs. Your diet will greatly impact your breastmilk supply and your postpartum hormones including that awful “mommy brain” brain fog. Even if you don’t normally eat protein shakes & smoothies, just try it out and see if it works for you.
  10. It’s hard for everyone.
    • After I had a baby I was shocked. How in the world are people not extinct? And women with multiple children- how are they even alive? Why does everyone seem to be fine and doing stunning newborn photo shoots when I can’t even take a shower or spell my own name. I always thought that I was a strong person, but the transition into motherhood was very raw, vulnerable and humbling. I knew nothing, so I asked everything- and through reaching out I found out, it IS hard for everyone, some people are just more discrete or hide it better. Some of them have taken care of younger siblings or gone through other life experiences which have given them more confidence going into motherhood- but it is absolutely a huge sacrifice every woman can relate to regardless how the pregnancy, the birth, the postpartum journey- every mom has their own unique story, but it’s something we should be proud to share with others. Not to compare, but to prepare. Not to elevate ourselves, but to encourage others. Not to be fake and seem better, but to get real and be vulnerable. You’re not the only one facing hardship and you’re not a bad mom for having a rough time. It’s more than an adjustment, it’s a new life, and you will get the hang of it one day at a time.

I hope these 10 points give you a little transparent perspective into the Newborn stage with your bundle of joy. May they be helpful, practical, and comforting to you during this exciting and raw season of life. Cheers Mama, you’ve got this!

Which point was most helpful to you? What is something you would add to the list?